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Our History

We trace our roots back to 1858 when the Galloway Presbyterian Church was organized a few mile northwest of Streator. In 1867 the church moved to Streator and was renamed the Streator-Galloway Presbyterian Church. At the time it was the only church in Streator.

In 1870 a new church building was erected at our current site, 201 N. Vermillion St. This is adjacent to Streator City Park and the church was renamed Park Presbyterian Church.

Our church experienced a lot of growth as the community prospered and grew. So in 1920 it was decided to tear down the existing church and replace it with a larger building. This work was completed in 1922 when the building was officially dedicated.

Over the past 100 years there have been modifications and remodeling but the beautiful skylights, stained glass and rich oak woodwork remind us of  those who came before us and the artistry of  the early 20th century. 

Church Gallery

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