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Here's a little bit of info about what to expect when you come to Park Church, a little on who we are, what we believe, and our pastoral staff


Hi! I'm Caleb.


You can call me Pastor Caleb if you'd like, but I really don't like being called Reverend. Nobody should be revering me. Why did I put "Rev." by my name then? Well, because that's the title I got when I was ordained and nobody's come up with a better title that we all feel like changing to. 

But I digress.

I've always thought this section on church's websites should give visitors to the site an idea of who the pastor really is. (Because hey, you're here to try and get an impression of this church so you can decide if you want check us out in person, right?) So here goes:

If you're hoping to read a description of a millennial superpastor, sorry but you've come to the wrong place. That's not me. Truth is that I'm a pretty average guy. I've lived my entire life in the Midwest, I like classic rock, I love spending time outdoors (especially in the fall), and I'm married to a woman who's far too good for me. I've spent all my life in the Presbyterian Church (USA) - that is except for two years when I decided God was made up before God reminded how very real God is - and that has shaped the course of my life greatly (obviously).


In case you were thinking that pastors are some sort of expert Christians or that they exist in a different world than other people, I'll let you in on a little secret; we don't. We've got the same worries as you, have the same kind of problems as you, have good days and bad days just like you, and struggle with faith just like everybody else. 

So if you feel like talking more with a fellow human who knows what it's like to try and live faithfully, get in touch with me at I look forward to meeting you.

Oh, and in case you wanted all my education info:

Graduated Northern Illinois University in 2010

Graduated University of Dubuque Theological Seminary in 2013

Ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament in the PC(USA) in 2014

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